At the start of July, Adam and I flew to Greece for 7 Nights to stay at Alexander The Great Hotel in Halkidiki. If you know me at all you'll know a holiday is all I look forward to all year round. If I'm not looking to book one, I'm talking about booking one or preparing for the next one coming up. When it came to booking this year's trip we wanted something that'll be just as amazing and magical as Sardinia last year (post linked here).  Although it took a good few weeks to find this gem, I'm glad we waited to find something we both loved the look of.

Before booking this trip, neither of us had heard of Halkidiki before. It's located in the northern part of Greece and consists of three strips that stretch out onto the water. We stayed in Kassandra which is the first of the strips and most westernized, but from what I've heard/seebin both of the others are just as pretty.

Our hotel was amazing and the beach was one of the nicest beaches in the area, with long stretches of white sands, to the crystal water and beach bar. We ended up spending quite a lot of our time there and on one of our last days we both got a full body massage there too (painful yet relaxing).

Whenever I go abroad, there's nothing I love more than exploring little local towns and we were lucky enough to have one just a 5-minute drive from the hotel. Kallithea has lots of touristy shops, so many restaurants and an amazing bar (BLU Seaside Bar) with very impressive cocktails and a balcony terrace with a view looking down on the beach. It was also located right by the beach with clear shallow water and a variety of watersport activities. We ended up going jet skiing on our first full day there and it was one of my favorite experiences that week.

On one of the days, we ended up getting a taxi to another local town that was recommended to us and eating at Bistro Kropigi which was a restaurant with another amazing view and the most impressive Cesar salad you'll ever see. After food, we took a walk down to the beach in Kropigi which consisted of us walking along the sand to try find a good spot and somehow ended in us walking all along the sea for well over an hour, all the way back to our hotel beach where we ended up spending the rest of the day. Although as exhausting as walking back along scorching sand in 36-degree heat sounds, we got to see so many amazing beaches on the way, collecting the prettiest stones and saved some money not having to get another taxi back.

We had a sailboat trip booked on Saturday which left at 10 that morning and sailed for 6 hours around the coast of Halkidiki, stopping off at 3 lagoons for a swim and a beach bar. It was by far my favourite day there - we got to see places we wouldn't have been able to get to on land and had the most relaxing day enjoying the sun and amazing views (and getting an impressive tan). The Capitan was one of the funniest people we met that week and owned the small boat trip and beach safari business also offering such good value for money!

Overall I couldn't recommend Halkidiki enough, it was the most magical week full of amazing beaches and exploring. It comes at no surprise that writing this makes me want to book another holiday and spend a few more weeks in the sun exploring. 
(*all places mentioned linked*)

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