It may be half way through January and everyone is most likely sick of the 2018 throwbacks and new year's resolution posts, but I couldn't give this one a miss. 2018 has been one of the best years to date and I'd kick myself if I didn't write a roundup of it - and what better way than through photos. These all come from my Instagram as they best represent the year I've had (but I haven't included every single post from the year but you can see all the in-betweens on Instagram).

2018 started of full of cold walks and trying pass time, as we all know - January drags! The month was pretty much filled with bowling, cinema and slush puppies with friends and a LOT of food. Adam and I took out a friends dog's for a walk, somewhere below is a snap of  Bruce looking very unimpressed and being carried as he refused to walk 5 minutes in...

February didn't pass any quicker than the previous month, from what I remember there was a lot of assignment deadline stress, deciding which uni to choose and of course Valentines day.

March and April consisted of more cold walks, a to of snow, climbing trees and cat sitting. April is also my birthday month so a lot of celebrating and finally passing my driving test!

My summer starts in May where it's warm enough to sunbathe, leave the house without a coat and not freeze to death. It was also the time of year where all the college work caught up with me and stress really kicked in. I spent a lot of the time trying to multitask and get a little browner in the sun while trying to keep to deadlines and not drop out last minute.

In June I was finally finished with college so most of the month I spent with Adam. There was many barbecues in the sun, driving to different beaches, sunbathing and attending a family party. We also went to the spa for a weekend which he booked for my birthday back in April and we had the most relaxing time.

July was one of my favourite months of the year. Adam and I went to Sardinia for a week and had the most incredible time. You can read all about it here, as there was a whole post dedicated to our week away and I could talk about it for hours! There's also way too many photos to post on here but a few are over on Instagram. Overall, July was the happiest month. What more could you want than a good tan, beach hopping, clear skin and feeling more content than ever before.

Suddenly it was August. I had no idea how time went so quick and summer was almost over. A few pub nights, seeing friends and catching the last bit of sun before we went back to reality is probably the best way to describe the month.

Now on to September. I done a quick trip to Brighton, had a Tarot card reading (which strangely helped a lot with stress), again ate  A LOT of food and wandered around the lanes. It was also Adam's birthday and I surprised him with a couple nights away at a quirky lodge (wrote a post all about it), and explored a  little town, spending the evenings outside by a fire with a glass of Rosé.

October was ALL the stress and excitement as I started uni. It was good to get back into a routine and a slight struggle to balance everything but I'm somehow making it work. I couldn't not include the surprise bunch of flowers as they come just at the right time and were so so pretty. 

November consisted of trying to keep up with deadlines, lectures and wake up on time for 9.a.m's (and let me tell you its not been easy). It was also mine and Adam's anniversary which meant more pretty flowers and also one of my favourite days this year. 

December flew by! I had finally submitted the last of the assignments and was done with uni for the year. It consisted of a lot of wrapping and Christmas shopping, a few car troubles, Christmas and flying to Cyprus on Boxing Day! We spent 5 nights there exploring before flying home on New Year's Eve. There will be a whole other post on our trip and many photos included! 

So that it for 2018. I am so excited for a new year and everything I have planned already and if it's anywhere near as good as the past year has been I'll be very pleased! 

Instagram - @alxandraa.x


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