Life Lately - Plans, Choices & All In-between

It's definitely fair to say its been a little over a while since the last post back in August. It feels like so little has changed  since then but at the same time my life also feels completely different to those 7 months ago.

Starting from where I left off - September happened. Keeping in mind that I come straight out of A levels and back to college for a final third year, you'd think I was used to the stresses of college life. I'm on an access to Higher Education course doing Biology, Chemistry and Psychology in one year and they're all mainly coursework based. At first this felt like the best thing ever as I'm not much of an exam girl but OH the stress levels have been at an all time high. Three whole subjects in the space of a year also means an unbelievable amount of assignments, which I felt like I've been drowning in since starting.  Telling myself the time next year I'll be at a uni of my choice doing what I love helps a little when I'm on the second breakdown of the week, struggling to push through a 6000 word report. 

Speaking of uni of my choice... That is another stress of its own. I was set on one university I was sure I would choose if I got the offer of a place for months and when it come to receiving all my offers, I was so undecided which to go for (and kind of still am). Big decisions aren't something I take lightly and it has been all I've thought about for weeks; weighing out all the pros and cons of each option and still being torn between them. 

Balancing life also hasn't been the easiest thing of all these past few months. College takes up a HUGE chunk of my week and keeping up with assignments is more challenging than I anticipated. A part time job and multiple driving lessons each week is also going to pay off very soon but it's definitely been hard to squeeze in with everything else. That usually leaves me with an evening or sometimes a whole Sunday to have some time off and I look forward to all week and make the most of it when it comes. With that said, there has been some very late nights of typing up assignments, leaving me looking like I've just woken up for the entire next day and consists of me dozing off in class as seen in the photo to the left ...

Finally for near future plans...
 I have a couple holidays booked for the summer and I'll be off to Sardinia mid July with Adam . Many holiday pictures are to be expected. As for now, there are more regular pictures over on Instagram! 

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