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It's almost been a year since my last post and so much has happened since...
Around this time last year, I decided to change my degree and apply for midwifery (not getting my hopes up too much as I was a very late applicant with the majority of applications being submitted about 6 months earlier). With it marking a year since I received an email offering me a place on the course and crying a little too much, I thought it's about time to start documenting my journey.

We constantly get told about the benefits of reflection in practice and having just finished my first year of training, I finally have a second to breathe and take everything in. It's also something that I know I'll enjoy looking back on as I get more experienced and qualify as a midwife. 

It's safe to say this year hasn't been anything like any of us expected or planned. The course started off by getting to know everyone, learning the basics and after eight short weeks, delving straight into placement life. I was lucky enough to have two incredible mentors for my community placement, who I have already learned SO much from, and also to take part in a student-lead postnatal clinic. This lasted two weeks teaching me more than I could've imagined in such a short amount of time and allowing me to meet students from Year's 2 and 3. Seeing how confident they were, gave me a small insight into just how much we're all going to change and learn as the course goes on.

We were on our second placement block of the year when COVID-19 happened and a decision was made for first-year students to be pulled from placement until further notice. Even though we slightly expected this, it was still heartbreaking when we got the news (especially as my labour ward placement was starting the following week). Since then, we have not been back to practice, however fingers crossed that we can go back in September! Instead, the remainder of the year consisted of theory, assignments, a breastfeeding OSCE, and a practical exam done virtually (which was interesting, to say the least) and a couple of modules being brought forward from second year to keep us from falling behind due to everything going on and avoid graduating late.

I have to say, it feels SO odd not having any work to do these last next few weeks but I am looking forward to having some much-needed downtime and making the most of the last bits of summer.
This year has pushed and challenged me more than anything I've ever done and although I didn't get to 'catch' any babies just yet, I got to meet some incredible women, families, and colleges along the way, while getting to grips with what it really means to be a midwife. I can't wait to get back into practice - bring on Year 2... 

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