Autumn Skincare

Ever time the seasons change my skin has a bit of a breakdown before it can go back to normal again, so when the weather suddenly got cooler my skincare routine needed a change. A good skin pamper with a candle, a tea and a movie is something I look forward to a lot this time of year so here are the products I've been using...

1. A product I've used all year round is Garnier's SkinActive Moisture Bomb Cream. I put this on ever night before I go to sleep and most times before makeup too. It's one of a few products which shows me a clear difference in my skin almost immediately and is amazing with helping to stop dry skin showing after putting on foundation as well! The tube lasts such a long time and would definitely be an alternative to some high end moisturises. 

2. Although I'm only 19 I get so paranoid about wrinkles that I'd rather start using anti-ageing creams too soon rather than too late. I've been using Nivea's Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Night Cream around my eyes and neck after the Garner cream each evening. It also gives a really hydrated feel the next morning and the thickness really makes it feel like it does you favours! 

3. A good face mask is a must in a skincare routine. Although it's not something I'd use ever night, I do use one at least once a week. Garnier's Moisture bomb masks are my favourite but I've also been loving the Black Diamond Activated Charcoal Peel off masks. I love masks which either peel off or dry quickly so these are perfect and I've definitely noticed a difference in appearance of blackheads after using these for a while! 

4. In the summer a Vaseline lip balm was enough to keep my lips soft but with the colder weather a lip scrub is a must. I've been using the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush ever night before putting Vaseline and it makes the biggest difference! 

5. Finally, the best solution I've come across to getting rid of spots and blemishes fast is Tea Tree Oil and Sudocrem. Everyone knows Sudocrem is good for blemishes but sometimes it doesn't do the job as quick as I'd like it to. I used Tea tree oil before to get rid of a big breakout on my face but it can be a very harsh product so by diluting two drops with some Sudocream and putting it on blemishes it milds down the harshness and works wonders! I put just a dab on a blemish over-night and it reduces it considerably by the morning. 

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  1. The Garnier Moisture Bomb cream seems like a staple in a lot of my friends routines, I think it will have to be incorporated into my routine as well. I rely on Sudocrem for literally everything, love it! Thanks for sharing xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. It honestly works wonders you need to try it! x