A Long Weekend Getaway

As I mentioned in a recent Life Lately post, myself and my family took a trip down to Cornwall for a long weekend away. We have visited Cornwall many, many times before and theres always something that brings us back. It might be the cozy towns, the sunny weather or the hidden beaches but it’s a place we always find ourselves returning to. 

Each visit we always find a new gem we fall in love with and this trip was no exception. We arrived on the afternoon of Friday last week and checked into our lodge at Piran Meadows Resort and Spa. It’s a holiday park We’ve stayed at previously and I could recommend it time and time again anyone visiting Cornwall. The lodges alone are amazing but the on-site attractions and welcoming staff are what make the visit that much better. There’s archery, a spa, restaurant, a tennis court and more. 

We first visited a beach in NewQuay which we’ve been at before but headed to a different part which was a short walk away. As you might see on the pictures along this post as well as on my Instagram, the beach had a small island-like cliff with a bridge going 90 feet over the sand and water to get to the other side; with a small house on top. Although we didn’t get to walk on the bridge as it was quite late in the day it's definitely worth a visit. We later headed for dinner and back to the lodge to play tennis and have a chilled evening after a five hour drive earlier that morning. 

Over the next few days we visited the beautiful Porthcurno but instead of going to the Porthcurno beach as before, we hiked to the other side of the rocks and walked down to see a smaller beach. This was a nightmare to find but it is by far the most beautiful beach in Cornwall. The tide was coming in quite quickly so we wouldn’t have time to get onto the beach itself without getting stranded but just sitting up on the rocks and looking down on it from the top was something I could do for hours. We’re 100% returning and walking onto the beach next time we visit. 

We also visited a few other beaches and towns but aside from that we enjoyed a lot of the time at the resort playing bowling, tennis and of course the bar itself was a necessity haha. We are of to Devon in just under two weeks time and head over to Instagram for more photos from these trips!

- Alexandra x

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  1. That place looks so amazing! I definitely would love to visit there someday.

    Heidi ✨ | www.heidisplanner.fi/

  2. I'm amazed at how clear and blue that water is! Also your pizza, omgggg, want! x


  3. The water is so blue. It's so gorgeous
    Teenage Wayfarer

  4. Cornwall is now on my list of places I want to visit! It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing xx

    Dani | https://struda.blogspot.com/