Tragic Hair Experience - A Year Later

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Hair day before the appointment 
I have always been on and off happy with my hair (mostly off if i’m honest) so about three years ago I decided to grow it and take much better care of it…My hair has never been one to grow quickly so I knew this would be much more difficult than expected. I stopped using much heat on my hair and let it naturally dry into locks - which I’d then wear in a ponytail for a good 7 months. This actually helped, I only straightened it up to three times a month and it started growing and stopped snapping. 
I grew it to a length I was happy with around Prom time two years ago and continued to take better care of it. I still wasn’t happy with the colour as the highlights I got a few months back were now a brassy orange tone so I opted for a change and decided to dye it a medium brown shade. 
I loved this colour and it was something new for me. It stayed like that for a long while until May last year (2016) when myself and my family went abroad (back home) to see my grandad. And heres where the story starts…
Once we got there I remembered a hairdresser which was built as I was growing up down the road from my grandads house and booked an appointment for Balayage which I considered a few times before but suddenly decided to do it. I figured the hairdresser has been there for many many years for one reason or another so the day before we headed back home I went in for my appointment. 

Hair After Appointment (comparison)
It was a morning appointment and I turned up 5 minutes early but the salon was still closed. I definitely should've seen this as a sign and not gone back. A few minutes later I DID go back for an unknown reason and sat in the hairdresser’s chair. A HUGE mistake. 
At that time, I was finally happy with my hair length and the colour as I mentioned earlier so I have no clue why I hadn’t considered this more carefully. It got to the length of just above my elbows which was probably the longest I ever had it and I loved that so much. 
The hairdresser started putting on BLEACH to lighten my hair and she did not do it in small strands but the entire 2/3 of the bottom of my hair was covered under 15 minutes. I wasn’t an expert myself but alarm bells started ringing in my head immediately. I didn’t want to be rude so I told myself she knew what she was doing but in the back of my head I knew it would not turn out anything like I anticipated. 

After sitting in the chair for some time, the hairdresser come to check on the colour of the hair and I was sure she’d say it’s done as It looked very light to me but instead she added a stronger bleach for ‘a few more minutes’ to get the “desired” shade. 
Soon after she washed my hair (without the use of a toner) and dried it to then put a lot of heat and hairspray in for styling. As soon as I sat in the chair again I knew I hated it. I told her multiple times I didn't want it cut but she insisted it needed a trim so I said 1-2cm and nothing more. I held tears back for the remainder of my time at the salon and although I knew it was bad I had no idea just how bad it was right then…
She cut off about a third of my hair and it was a few inches below my shoulders. Not just that but I had a block of bright orange hair underneath and on top it was a pure block of white. The hair was not blended at all it was an uneven line from near my roots all the way down. I cried as soon as i led and then for a good few months weekly after that.

Hair Today Before Trim and Dye

 The amount of bleach she used and the strength of it and length that she kept it on for, meant my hair was past a condition where it could be saved. It was fried. Once I washed it it was so elastic that when I made an attempt to brush it, massive chinks would snap off in the middle and there was nothing I could do. 
I went from loving my hair’s colour and length to hating everything about it. The day we flew back home before even getting back I bought hair dye on the way back from the airport and dyed my hair as soon as i got in. It didn't cover fully but I knew i couldn't afford to do another layer as there was far too much damage. 
I have tried so SO many treatments and products over the past year to get my hair back into a condition which I was happy with but that will be in another post coming soon. 
I have dyed my hair several times since then as ever few months it would fade back to a very ugly and patchy shade. My hair still isn’t long now as you can tell, but 85% of the bleached hair has grown out now (considering it begun at the roots). That is a huge amount of growth so you'd expect it to be much longer than it is considering I’ve only had three small trims since then but the length is purely down to the amount of ends that continuously snapped throughout the year and most will continue to snap until the last little part or bleached hair has gone. 
I don’t think that I could ever trust a hairdresser again considering I haven’t ever had an experience which I was very happy with. I’ve been cutting and trimming my hair myself at home and I can honestly say I prefer this so so much. It is 1000% a situation which I learned a lot from to say the last…
(today after dye and trim)

Hair today after dye and trim

So theres my tragic hair story and there will be a post shortly on what restored my hair and my favourite products which helped along the way so keep a look out for that as there are some life-saving products in there. 

- Alexandra x

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  1. I need to be taking better care of my hair. It's an awkward short length right now and I straiten it WAY to much. This makes me nervous to ever dye my hair haha

    1. Haha thats the exact issue with the length of mine right now! And the only advice I can give is live by Black Seed oil and only dye when you're 110% sure haha x