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It’s safe to that this time last year you definitely wouldn't be seeing this sort of post popping up on my blog but my outlook on skincare has had a complete reversal since that time. Last year I would most likely be smothering my body in baby-oil to catch a quick tan (not a good idea) and caking my face in god knows what, as my last worry was the damage that these products would do to my skin. I’m sure if any dermatologists were to read this they would be crying inside at my decision making as I am right now…

Although I can’t point my finger on exactly what it was that caused me to realise a few things, my breakouts and extremely dry and multi-toned skin were a huge part of it. Who doesn’t get a few spots here and theret? The mistake I made was covering them in foundation and pretending they weren’t there. My skin also become dryer than ever. The flakiness got worse no matter what exfoliator I used and scrubbing my skin to death certainly didn’t make things any better (not to mention trying to use CELLOTAPE to rip it off instead when matters got worse… that one speaks for itself I think). I begun actually doing research into healing my skin and trying to mend the mess I made beforehand. Although my opinion certainly isn’t a professional one and my skin isn’t near how I would like it just yet, here are some products that have helped me on the way to improving my skin.

Raw Coconut Oil
I’m sure many of you have heard of raw Coconut oil at some stage whether that's to do with food or hair treatments (which btw it is also amazing for). It has many uses but the way I find works best for me skin-wise is by wetting my face with warm water, grabbing a small scoop and rubbing it in your palm until it melts (as it comes in a solid form). I then gently massage it into mt skin and eyes in order to take my makeup off and after doing so for 2-3 minutes and rinse with more warm water and a small amount of makeup remover to ensure my makeup is fully gone. After drying my face I take a small amount of the oil and rub it into my skin all over before heading to sleep – I've also noticed that it’s great for eyelashes and brow hair. After using this I find my skin feels a lot less dried out and flaky the following day and I have seen a huge improvement after being consistent for the past couple weeks.
This doesn’t have to be any specific brand this is the second jar I’m using and It’s from a food store working just as great as a slightly more expensive version from a drugstore would!  

Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water
If you’ve been anywhere YouTube or blog’s in the past couple months, you would have 100% heard about this product. Although I haven’t tried the original Garnier cleansing water the oil infused version works amazingly for me. For nights where I’m feeling slightly lazier when it comes to removing makeup this is great! I start off with a Nivea cleansing wipe to remove the majority of my foundation, however I think the cleansing water alone would do the job I just like to know I removed as much as possible. I then grab a cotton wool pad and pour some of this on and gently remove all the remaining makeup from my face! It feels very fresh and as you can see in the image it has definitely been well used haha. I would 100% recommend this to anyone with dry skin. 

Soraya Day and Night Hydrating Cream
As far as I’m aware this last one isn’t a brand that’s sold in stores in England but I have found a few of these online too so they really are worth buying! It’s a day and night cream which I find very hydrating and refreshing. It isn’t thick at all and is absorbed quite quickly. I have noticed an amazing difference after applying this 10-15 minutes before my makeup as it makes it look a lot more fresh and natural rather than somewhat flaky as it appears without the cream. Again, it’s very affordable and an effective way to begin hydrating any dry facial skin you may have.

As I said, my skin is definitely not how I would like it to look just yet but these are the product that helped me see a difference in the feeling and appearance of my skin so far; and i'm still on the hunt for new products which could help so all recommendations are very welcome! 

 - Alexandra x 

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  1. Coconut oil is a holy grail product. Seriously SO good!!

    Love, Kerstin

  2. coconut oil just is life. the ordinary has been perfect for my dry skin. the hyaluronic acid is just perfection.