A Flashback to Cornwall

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Cornwall for those of you who don’t know, is located in the far South-West of England and has some of the most beautiful towns and beaches in the country. My family and I always find ourselves returning sometime during each summer and discovering new gems around the area.  Last year we booked a little last minute lodge for 2 nights at the Piran Meadows Resort & Spa in a town called NewQuay. It was by far my favourite of all the places we’ve ever stayed. The staff were all amazing and welcoming, the area had swimming pools, tennis courts, climbing walls and much much more; making me wish we stayed for longer to take full advantage of the amazing facilities. Our house was beautiful and included 4 double rooms – 2 ensuite + two non – and a gorgeous, cozy living area, dining table and open kitchen which went out to a small decking with a large garden table and a Jacuzzi and a view just over a small forest. I could explain just how amazing the place really was… If you’re ever after a last minute holiday their offers are some of the best I’ve seen If there’s anything left available – definitely worth a quick check once in a few weeks! 

During our time there we visited a small town which to me resembled the Brighton Lanes with the bright buildings and little colourful flags by the name of Falmouth. There was also a harbour with the cutest boats and further down, an amazing beach which we stayed at for a few hours before heading back to the resort.
We also visited another beach the following day where the water was a lot less calm and we watched the surfers while exploring small caves and gorgeous lakes (which you can see on my Instagram as I completely forgot to take more pictures on my DSLR). As the weather got even hotter, the small puddles on the sand started to evaporate leaving a gorgeous mist over areas of the beach. There were bright beach huts along the middle and the beach was located near Newquay town centre next to a few smaller beaches along the coast. 

While in Cornwall you also HAVE TO visit St. Ives! If you come here from my old blog you will know just how in love I am with the little town.  it’s full of restaurants which run along the harbour and during some evenings you can spot seals and dolphins in the ocean.Looking back a few months later, I have had the most amazing weekend away and I can’t explain just how much you need to visit if you ever have a little while or need some time to relax!! 

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