The 'Few Days' After Christmas.

The few days after Christmas and before the New Year always seem to feel like a LONG while longer than just ‘a few days’. Loosing track of what day it is seems to happen before you realise and for me - I have spent each one of them under a fuzzy blanket in bet with Tonsillitis with one exception.

Yesterday afternoon myself and my family decided to head to Durdle Door for the sunset and to take out pup, Rosie for one of her first beach walks. Although I can’t say the muddy paws all over my clothes and stops every couple steps were my personal favourite parts of the short visit, the gorgeous sunset and calm beach definitely made up it all. You can see in the pictures below the pretty colours along the cliffs and sky which was such a lovely walk.

I feel like this beach sunset walk was an amazing idea to finish off the year with a fresh, clearer mind-set and also a lovely way of getting back into blogging in the New Year.  

-         Alexandra x


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